SOLO+ 42


SOLO+ 42

Due to the geometry of the trusses, the height of the SOLO+ houses is 4.87 meters (16 feet).


1 + compact loft area


1-2 Pepole






4,4 m
14,2 ft


4,5 m
14,7 ft


4,9 m
16,0 ft


17,1 m2
184,0 ft2


A tiny home, art studio, workshop, office, or home gym?

The Solo+ series is as creative as you are.

All Solo+’s use a 14 foot triangular custom-fabricated truss system. The footprint is 14 feet wide and 13 feet 4 1/2 inches tall, with three models ranging from 20-34 feet in length.


Download your copy of the floor plans and side views of the house, so you can start today with the planning of your project!

Structural Kit

Avrame’s A-frame house structural kit provides everything you need to construct a sturdy and reliable framework for your dream home. This comprehensive kit includes a range of essential components and materials, ensuring a smooth and efficient building process.

With the structural kit, you will receive detailed permit drawings and clear assembly instructions, guiding you through each step of the construction journey. The kit incorporates precision engineered C24 Grade lumber, specifically designed for trusses, ensuring the structural integrity of your A-frame house.

To ensure robust connections and seamless assembly, Avrame’s structural kit includes custom hardware, steel plates, and connectors. These high-quality components guarantee the stability and durability of your home.

The kit also features important elements such as dormers, treated sill plates, and a ladder structure with a handrail, facilitating safe and convenient access to different levels of your A-frame house. Furthermore, the kit comprises of end wall framing and extended eave framing, allowing for customized design and architectural flexibility. 

To ensure optimal energy efficiency and weather protection, Avrame includes a TYVEK building wrap in the kit, offering a reliable barrier against moisture and enhancing the insulation properties of your A-frame house.

What’s included:

Interior Kit

People spend a lot of time inside the house. This kit will help you get started with making the house interior come to life. The only limit is your imagination.

Stairs is one the most important interior element. For this purpose we are offering only high quality stairs and ladders. We are cooperating with Aru Grupp LLC, who is experienced in manufacturing in Estonia. They have produced stairs and ladders for over 20 years. The products are FSC Certified and meant to last for many years to come.

Wooden parts are CE certified. The wood is grown here in Estonia and it is the perfect place for wood to grow. We have a pretty rough climate over here and it means the forest grows slowly and the wood is very thick, therefore it makes a valued building material.

What’s included:

Exterior Kit

Exterior is what makes the house. Be it the beauty of the cladding or the durability of the roof or even the clearness of the windows. We have developed the right kit to get your project started.

The roof we supply is Ruukki Classic C. It is a Scandinavian company that has produced roofs for over 50 years. They have industrial leading warranty with 50 years of constructional and 20 years of aesthetical warranty. There is also a large colour scheme that you can choose from. The roofing material is very low maintenance, rain will simply wash off all the dirt.

The windows and terrace doors have 6 chambers, 3 layer tempered glass, U ≥ 0,8 W/m2K. There is an option to upgrade to wooden windows. Those cost around 3 times more.

The cladding is made of pine (or similar wood). The wood is CE certified and it is grown here in Estonia. Estonia is the perfect place for wood to grow. We have a pretty rough climate over here and it means the forest grows slow and the wood is very thick and therefore it is valued building material. All the parts are purpose processed and they are easy to apply.

We can also offer thermo treated cladding for the exterior if the area has very harsh UV exposure.

What’s included:


Pictures of the interior and exterior

How to Start

These are the steps you need to take on your journey of building your house.


Get the permitting done

3-10 weeks


Order the kit and have it delivered

10-14 weeks


Prepare the foundation and build the kit

8-16 weeks

Throw a housewarming party

Total time needed: 23-44 weeks


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