Tiny House is a wildly popular concept but when it comes to executions there is a lack of affordable (and serious) options...

Yes, there are solutions on the market but they are either ready-made and very expensive or they are nothing more than sketched plans and practically very hard to build by yourself.

This is the absolute easiest way to build a Tiny Home.

If you’ve been thinking about a tiny house, this is the absolute easiest way to do it.

Avrame has paired the A-frame concept with DIY to provide the ultimate solution for tiny houses.


Because it’s easy and affordable.

This product helps you to make that major life change you’ve been thinking about.

What happens if you skip this opportunity?

In the best case, nothing happens… and this is exactly the problem.

In the worst case, you’ll waste a lot of time researching other solutions and you’ll probably waste also your money trying to build something half-assed (and nothing will still happen).

If you keep postponing your first step, you’ll never change your lifestyle.


Imagine yourself sitting with your favorite mug in front of your newly built tiny home.

You can still feel the smell of the wood you used to make it and, despite the work you had to put in, you feel happy because your old life is behind you.

You are finally ready to start fresh.

We developed SOLO+ in collaboration with an MIT Professor.


We’ve been building house kits for over 20 years and we know that finding a tiny house with great design and the right price is super difficult.

That’s why we partnered up Professor Sheila Kennedy, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and we combined together 3 concepts that provides maximum flexibility for living and working at home.

With Prof. Kennedy and her team, we brought together the iconic shape of A-frames, the radical affordability of DIY, and the tiny house concept.

Affordable, durable and easy to build.

The SOLO+ is a very compact living unit that offers generous living areas and plenty of storage space.

The SOLO+ A-Frame is easy to build, it is energy efficient and is easy to maintain.

Since this is a DIY kit, you can build it anywhere in the world with locally sourced materials.

This makes SOLO+ environmentally responsible and budget friendly.

Do you really have a reason to make it more complicated?

Build your Tiny House In the same way you'd bake a cake

Here is the easy recipe to “cook” your tiny house…

1. Get the Construction Plans

In the Construction Plans, you’ll find all the drawings you need to build + the detailed list of materials you’ll need to buy.

2. Source materials locally

Following the instructions, you can buy all the materials you need from your local wood shop (or Home Depot).

3. Build it or have it built

Once you have everything, you can start building. Following the step-by-step instructions, you can get your tiny house up in just a weekend and finished in about one week!

This is the absolute easiest way to build a Tiny Home.

Choose your model and start building!

Different needs, different models. We made three.

SOLO+ 42

Tiny Cabin

Your own small cabin – that’s what Avrame SOLO+ 42 is perfect for. With a floor area of 17.1m2 / 184ft2, this cabin can accommodate a linear kitchen, a living area, a sleeping area in the loft, accessed by a ladder.

SOLO+ 75

Tiny Rental

Freedom & Passive income – it’s something we all think about. With Avrame SOLO+ 75 you can build a rental house with a floor area of 33.9 m2 / 365ft2. It has all the features of SOLO+ 42, and it also has a dormer and a bathroom.  

SOLO+ 100

Tiny Home

Your own living place – that is what Avrame SOLO+ 100, with a floor area of 38.4m2 / 413ft2, was designed for. 

It has all the features of SOLO+ 75, and it also has an extra room and extra storage space.

Do you really have a reason to make it more complicated?

Choose your model and start building!

SOLO+ was designed by Avrame in collaboration with MIT Professor S. Kennedy and her team.

All rights reserved.