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Highly efficient kit homes that minimize your environmental footprint while maximizing the quality of your life.

Why Avrame?

Avrame will deliver a house kit you will love
while saving you money and time.

What are you here for?

Get the prep-work right

Nearly 100% of delays and unforeseen costs in construction are caused by poor preparation. Our unique self-building guides provide a solid framework for planning your project in the right way.

Tiny House DIY recipe

Building a tiny home with DIY building methods guarantees the lowest costs possible. Here you can find the complete documentation to build a tiny A-frame house (materials list, cut list, step-by-step assembly instructions, ...).

Get plan sets to get the process started

For permitting or getting estimates from your general contractor you need a set of plans. You can get it here…

See our 12 A-frame models

Choose the A-frame kit that’s right for you. Do you need TRIO, DUO, or SOLO+ ?

few words

We believe the house you are building should be a launchpad, not an anchor

When it comes to solving the housing needs of our planet’s expanding population, future technologies and infrastructure are often the go-to options.
Indrek Kuldkepp Founder and CEO

A house you will be proud to call home

Fulfilling and Affordable
Avrame will help you save money on a house that you’ll love. We believe your home should be a launchpad, not an anchor.
Kit homes save Time and Money
Kit homes are engineered to be assembled quickly and with no waste of time or materials.
Wooden parts are pre-cut in the factory and come with detailed building instructions.

Technology behind avrame
Avrame combines the benefits of a classic A-frame design with modern building materials. A-frames are durable and easy to build. The result is energy efficient and cost
effective house.
Fast, easy installation
Each kit includes easy-to-follow instructions, so anyone (including you) can do the work. Most models can be put up with just two people.
Zero Guesswork
When you buy one of our kit homes, you also buy our process. We took care of every detail, so your building crew can set the house up with no surprise.
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