G70 Kit Home

Floorplan and layout

We have been developing this home from 2013 since we understood that market needs energy-efficient, cost-efficient and functional family homes. We hired experienced architects to create a home to suit most families needs.

The 70 sqm / 753 sqft area features 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, an utility room, a kitchen, a dining area and a living area.
Bedrooms 15,4 + 10,4 sqm
Kitchen + Living Area 31,5 sqm
Bathroom 3,2 sqm
Hallways 4,3 + 6,3 sqm

Smart Engineering

We have used the 2x4' (45x95mm) materials , which is most common and affordable structural lumber and made a most energy efficient wall from it by spacing it in checkerboard mode. No cold bridges. 8+2 inches (250mm) of insulation. You and your family are kept warm.

House Kit Pricing Package

Structural kit includes

  • C24 Certified pre-cut structural timber
  • OSB3 12MM
  • Building accessories
  • TYVEK Solid
  • Vapour barrier
  • Full constructional drawings
  • € 19 490

    Exterior kit includes

  • PVC windows with 3-layer and tempered glass
  • Wooden exterior door
  • Battens for roof structure
  • Painted exterior cladding
  • Soffit and gable boards
  • Roofing material Ruukki Classic C 50 plus 
  • (includes rainwater guttering, snow guard, roof ladder)

    € 24 020

    Interior kit includes

  • MDF interior doors with profile
  • Finished interior cladding
  • € 5 710

    Total price

    € 49 220


  • Foundation slab
  • Insulation materials
  • Utilities (wiring, water, sewage, HVAC)
  • Interior finishes
  • Local taxes
  • Shipping costs
  • Assembly costs
  • How can I get a G70 kit house?

    Please contact us through the form below. We would be pleased to send you a detailed quote on the kit and transportation.
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