About Us

A-frames were popular in the 60's and 70's. The idea was you can get a creative looking house at relatively small costs. However, since it was 60's and 70's, the building technology was not that sophisticated. A-frame houses were difficult to insulate and therefore they were not able to be used all-year round. That meant that eventually A-frame house lost its popularity and such a unique looking house pretty much went into the history books.

However, thanks to new technology and ways of building, A-frame houses are back! With modern building materials, it is very easy to make A-frame houses as a all-year round living space. A-frame kit houses are still very affordable to build and are perfect for everyone, who wants to think out of the box.

Avrame goal is to bring back A-frame houses. So far we have shipped over 100 kit homes to 22 different countries worldwide. You can see locations of our builds here .

AVRAME LLC is the member of Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Meet the team behind Avrame

Avrame was founded at the end of the year 2016 by Mr. Indrek Kuldkepp, who has 20 years of experience in producing and selling custom log homes.

Indrek got divorced, sold his big "ordinary" house and got to think a way to get more value out of his life. His vision was to make himself the most rational (off-grid) house you can get.

After a long research he stumbled upon A-frame houses and Avrame was born. 

In the beginning we were just a kit home company manufacturing and shipping a-frame kit homes worldwide. Recently we also opened our webstore (please see shop.avrame.com) where we sell digital guides to teach people how to prepare selfbuilding, drawing packs for permitting and DIY tinyhouse 
recipes. We also share useful advices about homebuilding on our Youtube channel.

Indrek Kuldkepp

CEO of Avrame

Other members of Avrame HQ family

Priit Kallejärv

Head of Sales

Hendrik Haas

Sales Manager

Joonas Seppet

Head of Engineering

Elari Lelumees

Office Manager


 Marko Halling

Purchasing Manager

Illimar Kuldkepp

ITK Manager

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We work with the best in the business

Our Representatives

We can ship A-frame kits worldwide. They are very compact to ship. We have representatives around the globe.

You can find them here