Generally, A-frame house plans are simple and very functional.
Due to their self-supporting structure, A-frames are perfect for creating open space floor plans.

A-frame houses owe their name to the characteristic shape of their roof.
When seen from the front (or section) the house is a perfect triangle, resembling the shape of the letter A.

As the exterior A-shaped frame is load-bearing, generally, an A-frame house does not need any interior load-bearing wall.

NOTE: large A-frames (more than 10m at the base) might need interior load-bearing walls to support the span of the intermediate ceiling on the first floor.

Open floor plans

In our TRIO Series, the width of the living room is approximately 6.2m (20.3 ft).

The area of the open space in the living room varies with the models:

  • TRIO 57: 18.2 m2 (195.9 sq ft)
  • TRIO 75: 29.2 m2 (314.3 sq ft)
  • TRIO 100: 32.4 m2 (348.7 sq ft)
  • TRIO 120: 32.7 m2 (355.0 sq ft)
  • TRIO 150: 51.1 m2 (550 sq ft)
For the sake of clarity, the model number (57, 75, 100, 120, 150) describes the length of the building in the metric system (i.e. 57 = 5.7m).

Consequently, the TRIO 150 sports a huge open space living room since the house has way more depth than the other models.

5 A-frame floor plans

Avrame produces and sells A-frame house kits and we have 5 different floor plans in our TRIO series, specially designed for residential use.

We designed the TRIO series trying to provide a set of affordable "wide" A-frame house plans, with living areas ranging from 52m2 (556 sq ft) to 140m2 (1495 sq ft).

House Plans & Specifications

Trio 57
Total floor area 51,7 m2 / 556,0 ft2
Length 5,7 m /19,0 ft
Width 9,0 m /29,5 ft
Height 8,7 m /28,5 ft
Floors 2
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 1
Accomodates 1 - 4 people
Trio 75
Total floor area 71,5 m2 / 769,0 ft2
Length 7,5 m /24,6 ft
Width 9,0 m /29,5 ft
Height 8,7 m /28,5 ft
Floors 2
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 1
Accomodates 1 - 5 people
Trio 100
Total floor area 97,3 m2 / 1047,0 ft2
Length 10,0 m /32,8 ft
Width 9,0 m /29,5 ft
Height 8,7 m /28,5 ft
Floors 2
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 1
Accomodates 2 - 6 people
Trio 120
Total floor area 121,0 m2 / 1300,0 ft2
Length 12,0 m /39,4 ft
Width 9,0 m /29,5 ft
Height 8,7 m /28,5 ft
Floors 2
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 2
Accomodates 3 - 7 people
Trio 150
Total floor area 139,8 m2 / 1495,0 ft2
Length 15,0 m /49,2 ft
Width 9,0 m /29,5 ft
Height 8,7 m /28,5 ft
Floors 2
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 2
Accomodates 4 - 8 people

Customized house plans

Besides the standard A-frame house plans, Avrame offers the possibility to adjust the floorplan layout based on individual needs. 

Since the A-frame structure is load bearing, all the interior walls are optional and can be moved (or removed) to fit the unique needs of a demanding customer.

Avrame house kits can be customized by adding also dormers (up to four in the TRIO series) that greatly enhance the functionality of the interior space.

A common misconception

A-frames have inclined walls and wasted floor space.
No, they do not.

As a matter of fact, most of the interior walls in an A-frame house are vertical, at least at the ground floor.

Vertical walls can be obtained sacrificing some of the floor space... but this does not mean that space goes wasted.
In fact, the floor space next to the lower part of the inclined walls can always be used for storage.

An A-frame house needs unconventional solutions when it comes to garderobes and shelving. However, it indeed has more storage space available at floor level than any house with a traditional floor plan layout.

You can be as clever as you want in using that space... 

Who are A-frame houses for?

A-frame homes are highly durable and are a perfect fit for climates with harsh weather conditions.

The steep roof handles snow very well (snow simply slides down).

The structure is intrinsically isostatic, making it super strong and able to withstand high winds and even earthquakes... way better than traditional construction.

In an A-frame house, you'll never have the risk of the roof collapsing on your head. It is simply not possible.

A-frame construction is the perfect option for building affordable houses, whether the intended use is for permanent living, seasonal cabin, rental property or off-grid living.

House floor plans downloads

On this page, you can find all Avrame floor plans, along with the related 3D SketchUp models.

Permitting plan sets with most popular modifications can be found in our E-store. Link to that can be found here.