Two Self-building Guides.

Our Self-Building Guides are designed to help you start planning your project and get you going with no mistakes or hiccups.

You cannot afford to overlook anything.

When you start a construction project, you put your savings on the line. You cannot make any mistakes.

Get the knowledge you need.

To minimize the risk of overlooking important details.

Understand all the steps of the self-building process.

Minimize the risk of making mistakes.

Minimize the risk of going overbudget.

The Guides

The "100 Questions Guide"

Don't overlook anything.

A 44 pages guide to learn
how to ask the right questions
before you make any move.


The "Budgeting Guide"

Get a reliable total cost.

A 30 pages guide to learn
how to do a complete and thorough
budget for your project.


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