Trio 57

A Compact House with Efficient Design

Trio 57 offers a cozy and practical living solution.
It’s perfect for individuals or couples who value a smaller space that feels like home.


65,7 m2 / 707,1 sq.ft


1 - 4 people





Size and space

The Trio 57 is the most compact model we have, with a total area of 55.6 sqm (595 square feet).
Its width is 9.6m (31.5 ft), and its length is 5.7m (18.7 ft).

Key features

Ground Floor: an open-plan kitchen and living room that measures 30.4 m2 (325 square feet).
A bathroom of 4 m2 (43 square feet).
First Floor:
Bedroom 1: A comfortable space of 9.2 m2 (98 square feet).
Bedroom 2: A slightly larger room, 9.8 m2 (105 square feet).

Recommended use

The strength of Trio 57 is in its efficient design.
Despite its compact size, it provides all the essential living spaces without feeling cramped.

Trio 57 is a great choice for those who prioritize simplicity and functionality.
It’s ideal for those who need just the right amount of space to call home.

This House Comes in a Kit

Like all Avrame houses, this house comes in a construction kit.
The content of the kit can be configured according to your wishes, allowing you to source materials locally to save money on transport.

Every house shipped by Avrame kit will contain the “Structural Kit“.

The “Interior Kit” and “Exterior Kit” can be added to your order and shipped to your construction site in one single delivery.

We do ship worldwide.

What’s in the Kit exactly?

How much does it cost?

Avrame provides the fastest and most affordable way of building your home.
Our house kits will allow you to get the structure of the house up in about 2 weeks (with just 2 men).

The cost of the finished project depends on many variables and we recommend to use our Budgeting Guide to calculate it in detail before ordering the house.

When thinking about the price, you shall take into account that Avrame provides only the house kit and that all the material for finishing the house must be sourced locally.

The house kits are available in 2 different standards (for the USA or for locations outside the USA) and come at different price points.

What’s in the Kit exactly?

The following items are not included in the house kit provided by Avrame and shall be sourced locally:
Land, land survey, building permit and related paperwork, preparing/clearing the construction site, groundworks, foundations, connecting utilities (water, sewage, electricity, communications), transport (it can be provided by Avrame but it’s not included in the prices above), unloading the kit from container/truck, assembly of the kit, scaffolding (if required), nails and other generic fixings for the assembly, metal flashings for openings, insulation material, indoor vapor barrier, technical installations (electric wiring, ventilation, heating/cooling, plumbing), floor covering (parquet, carpets etc), listings (floor/ceiling), fireplace & chimney, kitchen (cabinets, equipment), bathroom (hydroisolation, tiles, fittings), other furniture & decor, eventual import tax, VAT or any other local tax.

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