Working hours estimation and optimum amount of workers
Model Installing (measured in hours, h): structure + OSB + roofing + insulating + exterior finishes + doors, windows Optimum amount of workers
Solo Hobby 130…160 2
Solo 57 170…210 2
Solo 75 225…275 2
Solo 100 300…360 2
Duo 57 300…360 2
Duo 75 400…480 2
Duo 100 520…640 2
Duo 120 630…770 2
Trio 57 630…770 2…4
Trio 75 855…1045 2…4
Trio 100 1125…1375 2…4
Trio 120 1350…1650 2…4
Trio 150 1700…2100 2…4
Average installation time for the optional extras
Erecting dormer 16h
Installing skylight 4h
Interior cladding installation 1m2 = 0,45h
Keep in mind that those working hours are just estimates. The real hours depend on the workers speed and their skills.
This working hours estimation doesn’t include the time to do the plumbing, wiring, HVAC, bathroom finishes, kitchen etc.
Get accurate working hours estimation from your local builder. Avrame is not responsible if the displayed working hours aren’t the same as the local builder suggests.
Full budget calculation
Our self building guides provide you a lot of guidance when calculating out the full budget of the house. Get your copy over here. The more you plan your project ahead, the less chances there are to go over budget.

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