Real Estate Development

As a real estate developer, you need to build quality homes with a design that sells... 

...and you need to do that at a cost that gives you a good margin on the final sale. 

We understand that.

Avrame DUO and TRIO series are designed to be built quickly and with minimum waste of time and materials. This allows you to keep construction costs down and minimize the total cost of the build.

The cost of a finished Avrame home is generally lower than 1000 EUR/m2, making it ideal for all the situations where the budget is an issue.

With up to 300mm insulation, our homes are extremely energy-efficient and, combined with the unique architectural shape, they can be sold for a premium price.

The DUO series ranges in sizes from 33 - 61m2 and the TRIO series 57 - 107m2 (larger models are available on request).

Build it anywhere, even off-grid

Avrame houses can be built anywhere you want and on any style of foundation, existing or new. They are great for off-grid applications because of the steep roof angle which is perfect for solar panels.

An Avrame house serves you and your budget

Your house shouldn’t be a burden on your time or finances. Avrames are for people who value their freedom but still want a place to call home.

Pick one of our kit-homes models