Maybe it is for you or maybe it is for a dear member of your family… 

The time comes for all when our needs in terms of space are no longer what they used to be.

The reasons might be different (kids leave the nest to relocate for their studies, the partner of a lifetime leaves us, we suddenly end up with limited mobility, …) and despite these being major life changes, you do not have to see them as a downward trajectory.

Life goes on and it is worth living. You owe to yourself to make good choices.

Wasting money on extra space that no longer serves you isn’t a wise choice.

Downsizing your home can significantly improve the quality of your life.

Avrame DUO is the perfect house for people who need to downsize.

Whether it is for a family of two or just for a grandparent, the DUO offers all the comfort of a real home for the budget of a tiny house.

You can sell your existing property and build the DUO with half of that cash, leaving you plenty to take care of your needs for the following years.

Build it anywhere, even off-grid

Avrame houses can be built anywhere you want and on any style of foundation, existing or new. They are great for off-grid applications because of the steep roof angle which is perfect for solar panels.

An Avrame house serves you and your budget

Your house shouldn’t be a burden on your time or finances. Avrames are for people who value their freedom but still want a place to call home.

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