Tools needed for Avrame house kit installation

Tools needed for each crew member:

  1. Measure tape 5m
  2. Saw
  3. Pencil
  4. Knife
  5. Staple gun and staples
  6. Nail gun with 70mm and 90mm nails
  7. Hammer
  8. Electric screwdriver/power drill
  9. Measure tape 30m
  10. Carpenter level (up to 2m)
  11. Chalk line tool
  12. Try square
  13. Drill bit set for wood and stone and torx bit set (T20-30 and extended length torx bit)
  14. Mitre saw
  15. Circular Saw
  16. Foam gun
  17. Mineral Wool knife

Main assembly steps and tools required to complete those

1. SBS-bithumen layer between concrete and pressure treated sill plate

Tools needed: knife

2. Pressure treated timber sill plate

Tools needed: impact powerdrill for stone

3. Timber sleepers to support OSB- plate

Tools needed: el.screwdriver

4. Rodent mesh under OSB-plate

Tools needed: staple gun, sheet metal scissors

5. OSB-plate installation

Tools needed: el.screwdriver

6. Assemble and install lower part of the trusses

Tools needed: el.screwdriver, measure tape, try

square, level

7. Breathable underlay and vertical battens

Tools needed: knife, staple gun, el.screwdriver, hammer

8. Install Doors and Windows

Tools needed: level, el.screwdriver

9. Horizontal battens for roofing and cladding

Tools needed: nailgun/hammer, chalk line tool

10. Roofing material

Tools needed: sheet metal scissors, el.screwdriver

11. Cladding

Tools needed: mitre saw, nailgun/hammer, chalk line tool

12. Eaves and gable board

Tools needed: mitre saw, nailgun/hammer, chalk line tool