TRIO, DUO, SOLO: the difference between Series

TRIO, DUO, SOLO: the difference between Series

Perhaps you’ve been wondering what’s the difference between our series TRIO, DUO, SOLO.

Perhaps this question is the main reason you cannot make up your mind on which one is good for you.

Well, you are not alone. We’ve noticed that, across our social media channels, people are asking how exactly these three series differ from one another.

So, here is the explanation…

Let’s start by saying that the difference between these three series of A-frame kits has nothing to do with the number of rooms or the number of bathrooms.

…but this you might know already, as one can quickly figure that out by looking at our floorplans.

Size matters

The main difference between the three series is in the size of the A-frame trusses.

The size of the trusses also determines whether the house can have a second floor or a loft… and this is the second difference between TRIO, DUO, SOLO:

  • SOLO is a small cabin at it just has on level (ground floor).
  • DUO is a larger cabin and it has a loft.
  • TRIO is a full-size house and it has a second floor.

IMPORTANTwhile we can alter the floor plans as you with (read more below), the size of the A-rame trusses cannot be changed.

Let’s now take a close look at the three series.

#1 SOLO Models

The A-frames for SOLO houses are in the shape of equilateral triangles which side measures 4.2 meters (13.8 feet).

Due to the geometry of the trusses, the height of the SOLO houses is 3.9 meters (12.8 feet).

All the SOLO houses have:

  • one floor;
  • no loft space.

You can see all the models of the SOLO series here.

#2 DUO Models

The A-frames for DUO houses are in the shape of equilateral triangles which side measures 5.7 meters (18.7 feet).

Due to the geometry of the trusses, the height of the DUO houses is 5.2 meters (17.1 feet).

All the DUO houses have:

  • one floor;
  • loft space (accessible with a ladder).

You can see all the models of the DUO series here.

#3 TRIO Models

The A-frames for TRIO houses are in the shape of equilateral triangles which side measures 9.0 meters (29.5 feet).

Due to the geometry of the trusses, the height of the TRIO houses is 8.7 meters (28.5 feet).

All the TRIO houses have:

  • ground floor;
  • first floor (accessible with staircase).

You can see all the models of the TRIO series here.

The length

Surely you noticed that, when we talk about a particular house model, there is always a number after the series.

TRIO 75, DUO 57, SOLO 100…  

You might have been wondering what these numbers are.

The answer is simple: they represent the length of the building.

It works like this:

  • 57 = 5.7m long (19.0 feet)
  • 75 = 7.5m long (24.6 feet)
  • 100 = 10.0m long (32.8 feet)
  • 120 = 12.0m long (39.4 feet)
  • 150 = 15.0m long (49.2 feet)

The combination of each length with a particular size of the A-frame trusses (series) results in buildings of different floor areas.

Custom floor plans

Once you are clear on the floor area you need, you can easily narrow down your choice to one or two models.

The good thing about our kit homes is that the A-frames are 100% load-bearing.

This means there is no need for internal walls and, in theory, one can have just a huge room that spans the entire floor of the house.

While that’s probably a bit impractical (you at least need to have a bathroom), it gives you the freedom to change the floorplans as you like.

We talk about altering floor plans at length in this article:  A-frame House Plans

For example, let’s say a particular model fits your needs but you do need an extra bedroom… no problem, we can reduce the size of the living room and make you happy with that extra bedroom.


TRIO, DUO, SOLO are designed to satisfy different space needs.

We offer house kits in 3 sizes and, while we cannot change the size of the A-frame trusses, we sure can play around with the interior layout of your new home.

On our website, we greatly emphasize how our A-frame kits give you the freedom to modify/add things.

We talk about dormers, skylights, decks and terraces… but the real beauty about the concept of Avrame is that you can – really – change the entire floorplan to suit your needs.

Permitting drawings with most popular modifications can be found in our E-store. The link to that can be found here.

What next?

You can go and browse our energy and cost-efficient A-frame models or get useful knowledge about building your own home (hassle free) by getting our e-guide.