New Age Deck Building Designs & Best Materials To Use

New Age Deck Building Designs & Best Materials To Use

In 2021, decks say much more about your sense of style than anything else in your house. People are usually conscious about designing their home’s interior but seem to become myopic about the part of their house under the open sky.

Decks define your lifestyle. They show that you value your living space and have a nice taste in aesthetics. So if you plan on getting the best out of your yard, a well-placed and well-designed deck is the one thing to look for.

In this article, we’ll explore how you can maximize your efforts here.

Exploring The Latest Trends In Deck Building Designs

To choose the perfect design for your deck, you must consider the prevailing climate as well as your personal preference.

Deck designing is not all about the looks though, convenience matters all the same.

Nowadays, you’ve got a ton of different options to choose from, and it would be impossible to discuss them all here, but we’ve listed some highlights:


A raised deck shows both class and engineering ingenuity. It is a smart choice for people living in areas frequently showered with rain, or if the home-owner wants to use the space underneath for something else (a garage, perhaps).

It is exactly like it sounds: a raised platform with space underneath, anywhere from a couple of inches to up to the second floor of your house – plan it however you will.


Once again, there is no room for ambiguity about how these decks look like – they feature at least two levels, interconnected, but usually meant as two separate spaces. Imagine having two decks in the space of one, and that’s pretty much it.

More outdoor space, more fun!

It is the perfect design for hosting multiple events without overcrowding.


Sometimes less is more, and this is especially true for this type. Modern decks don’t focus on an abundance of décor items but instead fuse elements of modern architecture with the good old deckbuilding template to create the ultimate look, all perfected with concrete, glass, and more.

They look simple, without much ornamentation, but are highly stylish and functional at the same time, the perfect combo!


These are all the rage right now, and all for a good reason: everyone wants to escape into their fantasy world now and then. So if you fancy the colonial era or are drawn by the exotic look of Asian architecture, or need something to remind you of the beauty of nature, you can choose the perfect theme for your deck design.

team of capable designers will be more than willing to give your project a chance and develop the deck type that will inspire calm and comfort whenever you step on it. Plus, it’ll look pretty cool too; something to brag about to your friends.

Materials Matter Too

While it is important to spend some time figuring out how your deck should look, you’ll also have to decide on the type of materials you wish to use. This is perhaps the trickiest aspect of deck building because your choice of materials depends on what you plan on doing with your deck.

For instance, depending on whether you want to use your deck as an extended balcony, for self-reflection after a busy day, or for hosting parties, you’ll have to go for one option or another. Then there are the budget considerations, and maintenance needs to look for.

The most popular choice for base material is pressure-treated wood, as it tends to resist rot and wear. Still, it does demand timely maintenance as it is prone to cracks. Tropical hardwood and redwood are also perfectly balanced natural options that deliver well on the aesthetics end, but these too demand constant care and timely maintenance.

Recently, deck builders have also begun using concrete and aluminum for their projects. This may seem a bit off from what we traditionally define as decks, but the materials do work well even though they are not as prevalent and do have limitations of their own.

If you feel lost, ask your contractor about the type of materials and the design options that will work well with your home.

Bottom Line

Your deck doesn’t have to be a certain way. With modern designing techniques and stronger building materials, it is easier than ever before to create custom decks just as you’ve envisioned them in your mind. Granted, some designs may work better than others for your home, but with so many options to choose from, your choice is not limited in any way.

Consider the functionality before you dive into the aesthetics, and you’ll get a deck that looks the part and will stand the vicissitudes of the unforgiving outdoors environment.

What next?

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