Benefits of A-frame Homes When Living Off-Grid

Benefits of A-frame Homes When Living Off-Grid

As the Digital Age thrives, more and more people are becoming intrigued by the idea of living off the grid. What does that mean? In short, living off the grid means to live autonomously without relying on power or anything digital. Usually, those that live off the grid choose rural locations and use alternative forms of energy to live a comfortable life. People all over the world are finding themselves attracted to this way of living rather than the current, status-quo way of life which includes a heavy reliance on technology and power.

Those that choose to live off-the-grid often choose alternative homes that are eco-friendly, small, and affordable. In fact, one of the most popular kinds of homes in regards to an off the grid life is the A-frame home. If you are thinking about making the switch to live off the grid, and are thinking about where to live and relocate to, it will be worth your while to consider an A-frame home; this post will detail why.

The Top 6 Benefits of A-frame Homes You Need to Know

A-frame homes are an architectural style of a house that features steeply angled sides that begin on the foundation and meet at the top to form a letter A. A-frame homes are authentic-looking and feature various benefits that make them an outstanding choice for a person that is looking to go off the grid. A-frame homes can be small or large; however, those that choose an A-frame home often opt for the smaller option as they are trying to live environmentally friendly and efficient.

Are you thinking about where to live when you go off the grid? Consider an A-frame style cabin. Why? Here are the 6 major benefits.

1. House Kits are Compact to Transport

A-frame house kits are ideal for those who are looking to make the transition to an off the grid life as A-frame house kits are easy to transport. This is beneficial for two main reasons when it comes to people looking to live off the grid:They can have the house kit delivered to them/moved for themThey can transport the house kit themselves

2. Suitable for DIY builders

A-frame homes do not need to be complex, and large pieces of architecture. Though they can be large and intricate, they can be simple and built by one’s self. A-frames can be easy to construct and can be turned into a DIY project. Those who are looking to go off the grid can follow detailed drawings and installation manuals to build their new home. Off the griders can also go online and watch tutorial videos to further perfect their building.

3. The Foundation

The foundation of a home is arguably the most important part as the foundation determines how sturdy the home is going to be. Those that choose to build a brand new A-frame home when going off the grid can rest easy knowing that the foundation is easier to do. Strip foundation is typically the kind of foundation that builders use when building an A-frame house; this is because of the various benefits of a strip foundation, such as:

  • Fewer excavation works
  • Less concrete and steel
  • Less insulation material
  • Can be built quicker than other kinds of foundation

All of the above benefits are great for people looking to go off the grid as they will be making eco-friendly choices and won’t have to wait long for their new lifestyle/home to be built.

4. You Can Install Solar Panels to the Roof

A-frame homeowners can save energy; thus saving money and the environment, by installing solar panels to the roof. Because the roof pitch is 60 degrees, there is a lot of area for solar panels to be installed. This is a particularly attractive benefit for people that are looking to go off the grid as these people are often looking for environmentally savvy ways to live.

5. Less Useless Space = Fewer Maintenance Costs

One of the major issues with owning a house is the cost to maintain all of the space; so much so, this is sometimes one of the major reasons that people choose to go off the grid. However, A-frame homes may be a solution to this issue.

Some people want to go off the grid but still live in a quality house. A-frame homes allow them to do just that while also offering minimal maintenance. A-frame homeowners can live in a home that requires them to take care of a limited amount of space which means:

  • Less cleaning
  • Less space to heat/cool; thus saving energy and money
  • Less unnecessary space that will be left unused
  • Less area to decorate

6. High-Quality Materials Require Less Attention in Maintenance

A-frame homes are made out of quality materials that will benefit you both now and in the long run. A-frame homes are typically made with high-quality materials because of their authentic architectural shape. In order to stand properly, A-frame requires extremely high-end material. Though high building quality materials are more expensive now, they will be less expensive in the long run as you won’t have to put money into replacing or repairing them.

roofing contractor in Voorhees pointed out that this is a key point when it comes to investing in higher quality materials. Homes that are made with lower quality materials will be cheaper now but will need to be repaired more often; when you build an A-frame home you really don’t have the option to use low-quality materials.

Looking to Live Off-Grid? Choose an A-frame Home Today

If you are looking to transition to an off the grid life there are a lot of things to consider and plan, and your living situation should be your top priority. As you think of where you are going to live, consider an A-frame home as they offer vast benefits to your desired way of living. Keep these benefits in mind as you continue to do further research and contact A-frame home construction companies.


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