A closer look to the TRIO series

A closer look to the TRIO series

Avrame house kits are an affordable and easy way to build your new A-frame home.

If you want to build a house to be used throughout the year as your primary living place, the TRIO series is the one that is best suited for this purpose.

TRIO series shape and size

All Avrame houses are built using trusses in the shape of equilateral triangles.

One side of the triangle on the TRIO series measures 9.0 m (29.5 ft).
This means the house is 9.0m (29.5 ft) wide and the tip of the house is 8.7 m (28.5 ft) high.

Unlike the SOLO series and the DUO series, the TRIO series has 2 full floors. So, if you are interested in having 2 floors, forget SOLO, forget DUO, you will need a TRIO.

Here is a video explaining the differences between series in more detail.

As all the TRIO models have the same width and height, the difference is in their length.
In fact, while the size or shape of the A-frame cannot be modified, the length of the house can be extended as necessary.

The numbers associated with our five TRIO models refer to the length of the house:

  • TRIO 150 is 15.0 m long (49.2 ft);
  • TRIO 120 is 12.0 m long (39.4 ft);
  • TRIO 100 is 10.0 m long (32.8 ft);
  • TRIO 75 is 7.5 m long (24.6 ft);
  • TRIO 57 is 5.7 m long (19.0 ft).

Floors, Floor area, Floor plan

As already mentioned, all the models in the TRIO series have two floors.
The net floor area depends on the length of the model.

The number of bathrooms and bedrooms also depends on the model.

In the image below you can see the floor areas, the number of rooms, and other different metrics for all the models of the TRIO series.

The numbers reported above are only for illustrative purposes, based on the configuration of our standard plans.

Numbers like the net size of the foundation, of the roof, of the exterior walls, are essential for making a proper budget.

Our Budgeting Guide contains even more details, including the area of internal walls, surfaces to be painted, and so on.

Sidenoteit is worth mentioning that the layout of the rooms can be altered as per your needs.

TRIO 150

This house is our biggest model.
It was developed to satisfy the needs of bigger families or for people who like to have more indoor space.


It is a large house and is has some economy of scale.
In fact, you have the same area of exterior gable walls of any other TRIO, but compared to a TRIO 100 you have 50% more volume (and 50% more foundations and roof, of course).

If you plan to go for it, you shall budget your resources correctly.
Remember that a larger house means also higher running costs.

Luckily, the maintenance costs for Avrame homes are negligible and they do not increase much with the size of the house.
This is because the parts that do require maintenance are mostly the gable walls and soffit boards, which are the same for every model.

Of course with a larger house you’ll have larger indoors painted areas as well, and more windows… so keep that in mind.

The standard floor plan for the TRIO 150 is the only one to come with an open ceiling in the living area.
This reduces the net floor area by some 13 square meters but adds a spectacular sense of space in the living room.

That said, the open ceiling is completely optional and it can be changed if you like.

The standard version of the TRIO 150 comes with one dormer that serves as the main entrance to the building.

TRIO 120

This house is a more economical version of the TRIO 150.
The two houses are practically identical, except for the open ceiling and the living room, which is a bit smaller in the 120 model.

TRIO 120 features the same side entrance through the dormer as you find in TRIO 150.

This model was developed especially for customers in the USA, to provide a living space that reaches 1300 square feet.
In fact, many states in the USA have a limitation on the minimum size of a home… and TRIO 100 did not meet that requirement.

Needless to say, TRIO 120 is available today for customers in any location.

TRIO 100

This is the first model of Avrame ever built and it was the largest model initially planned.

For a standard family of 4, we believe it is still the most effective model.

The standard layout of the house has no dormer (it is hence cheaper) and the entrance is from the gable wall.

It has a good entrance area, with enough space to build a utility room.

If you can afford to spend a bit more, you can add a dormer and move the entrance on the side, thus gaining some functionality.

If you don’t need many rooms, you can have an open ceiling even on this model.


This model is great as a home for small families (up to 3 persons) or as a vacation house for larger groups.

Compared to TRIO 100, the 75 model has a smaller entrance and smaller bedrooms.

The standard floor plan layout has no dormer, but we warmly recommend adding one to gain more space at the entrance and to get a more functional house.


This is the minimum viable TRIO house.
For its very small footprint, it offers a lot of interior space.

We designed this house to be able to offer a very affordable model, with vacation homes in mind.

In the TRIO 57, the rooms are small and the storage space is limited.
If you can afford it, we recommend investing a bit more and build a TRIO 75. The difference in space is noticeable.

If your budget is tight and you must keep your building small, TRIO 57 will do an excellent job to offer you a warm and comfortable living space.

What next?

You can go and browse our energy and cost-efficient A-frame models or get useful knowledge about building your own home (hassle free) by getting our e-guide.