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Avrame is looking for partners all around the world. Our clients need the local support and guidance from professionals to get from the idea phase to actually building.

Before getting into further cooperation details, please work through our catalog. It is downloadable over he

How can we cooperate?

There are 2 ways to cooperate:

  1. As a sales agent who makes a deal in our name and gets commission from the ordered kit price;
  2. As a reseller who buys our kit, bundles it with local services (foundation, assembly, HVAC etc) and resells the whole package to a local customer.

What does it take to actually succeed in this joint operation?

We don’t have any strict guidelines set as our partners are entrepreneurs as ourselves and we can’t dictate to anybody how to run their business. However, we have seen that certain properties will help to achieve results in this business:

  1. Full-time commitment;
  2. Past experience in construction;
  3. Having a show house.

What do We expect from the representative?

  1. Experience in selling (houses, real estate, construction services);
  2. A good knowledge about the local market and building laws;
  3. Competence to organise construction works and paperwork;
  4. Ability to translate web page and sales material from English to the local language;
  5. Enough English skills to communicate with Avrame.

How can Avrame help You in the process?

We can provide you with:

  1. Sales leads;
  2. Sales materials (price lists, catalogues, images and technical information);
  3. Continuous product development;
  4. Constant marketing and campaigns;
  5. Customer support to our representative.


Avrame doesn’t do drawings for HVAC, electrical system, plumbing etc. The regulations for those are different worldwide. Our engineering team can advise and suggest solutions on the way.

What's next?

If it sounds interesting, you might consider taking a trip over here (Estonia) to see our factory and show homes and discuss the cooperation with our team. You can reach us out by filling out the form below.

Avrame Representatives

We Have 20+ Representatives Around The World. List of Avrame Representatives