Self-Building Bundle



5 self-building guides packed together in an affordable bundle!
With this bundle, you save $116 (the full price of the 5 guides bought separately is $215).

This Self-building Bundle contains the wisdom of 5 Guides, to set you on the right course with your project
…so you can do your planning without overlooking anything and move forward without headaches.

5 Guides that cover…
The Process (Quickstart Guide – 24 pages)
a 15-step process to guide you until the house kit is on your property;
identify your needs & wants;
figure out how much you can afford to spend & choose the right house model.

The Mindset (100 Questions Guide – 44 pages)
over 100 aspects of the projects you might be overlooking;
get clarity on the tiniest detail;
learn the right questions to ask and where to find the answers.

The cost (Budgeting Guide – 30 pages + spreadsheet)
stop wondering how much is it going to cost and figure out a realistic total;
get a clear overview of the cost items you need to account for;
use a professional spreadsheet to put everything together

The Time Planning (Works Planning Toolkit)
This toolkit is designed to give you the tools and the knowledge you need to plan your project correctly.
Unless you are an experienced project manager, you’ll definitely need the Works Planning Toolkit!

The Sustainability (Modern Off-grid Guide)
The Guide to building a low-energy and self-sufficient building.
Whether you plan to build your house in an urban area or in the middle of nowhere, this Guide will open your eyes to the sustainability aspect of your project.

The total cost of the 5 guides purchased separately is $215.


With your purchase, you’ll be able to join Avrame’s private Facebook Group.
The group is home to a community of over 1900 people like you that bought one of our guides of a kit home.

In the group, you’ll be able to talk to all those people as well as to see photos of real projects in real time (as posted by other users on the group).

NB! These guides are not just for a-frames but help you to carry out any self-building project.

The Guides are in PDF format. The spreadsheets are on Google Sheets.
A compressed ZIP file containing all the guides will be sent directly to your e-mail immediately after the payment.


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