We have a lot of resources to help you.

Hi there, 

To get your house built, you have to go through 3 phases: PRE-PREPARATION, PREPARATION and BUILDING. Let’s get started!

PRE-PREPARATION Phase (more than 12 months away from building)

If you feel that you are more than 12 months away from actually building, I suggest you use these resources:

PREPARATION Phase (6...12 months away from building)

If you feel that you are 6…12 months away from building, please see these resources:

BUILDING Phase (less than 6 months away from building)

If you feel that you need to start BUILDING in less than 6 months, please book a call with us at:

There is a list of helpful representatives from different countries. Contact them if you feel the need for more local help. The list is here:
If you did not find a local representative, but are interested in expanding Avrame family in your region, then please check out our represent us page.

Other resources

You may also want to check some technical documentation:
How much materials you have to source locally and what tools are needed:
For some regions, it is difficult to get permission to build A-frame houses. Luckily for those occasions, we have developed our “classic” line. Shortcut for information about that can be found here. Permitting plan sets for the “classic” line can be found here.
Looking forward to see your project transforming from dream into the reality!