GoSauna 2022 kit

Enjoy an outdoor sauna experience with the best view in your backyard

New model with the best view

A new era wooden outdoor sauna made in Estonia. It combines adventure, innovation and minimalistic design. The sauna is easy to transport thanks to its light weight and sturdy frame. 

You can place the sauna anywhere you want - in your backyard, on the riverside, next to a lake, on a mountain, in a forest... endless amount of possibilities. 

Heating, Steam and Temperature

It only takes 45 minutes to heat the GoSauna in the summer. During winter it could be another 30 minutes extra. It's the same with electric or firewood heater. The temperature of the GoSauna is in the range of 60-70 degrees Celsius. It can be increased with adding more stones to the heater. The technology behind GoSauna makes the steam pleasantly mild and moist, which makes it a good "sweating sauna", unlike in regular saunas where the steam is more of an intense kind.

Weight Only 460 kg
Measurements 2550 x 1600 x 2300 mm
Capacity 2 people
Heater Electric or firewood


Sauna walls are made of strong and durable 6mm acrylic glass. The structure is cut using CNC technology through a true craftsmanship. Structural timber (spruce/pine) is made of gluelam, which is perfect for standing temperature fluctuations. The kit comes together with high quality ESSVE fixings. 

Acrylic glass information

Technical information
Regulatory Information
Safety-related information


NB! Pictures are illustrative and the real product might differ a bit. The GoSauna kit comes unpainted and without the stickers on the glass.

GoSauna kit pricing

GoSauna 2022 kit includes:

  1. Gluelam structural timber
  2. Battens for roof and walls
  3. Building accessories and fixings
  4. Acrylic glass windows
  5. Sauna bench and floor from black alder wood (28x90mm)
  6. Timber impregnation with Axil 3000
  7. Instructions for kit assembly

4700 EUR  + VAT


  1. Transportation (ca 500€ in Europe)
  2. Heater (options available)
  3. Kit assembly and building costs
  4. Paint

How can I get my GoSauna 2022 kit?

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