Start Planning on the Right Foot

Whether you are just working on building your vision for your dream home or you are ready to start getting your building permits, we have you covered!
On this page you’ll find free drawings for your preliminary planning and paid drawings to use with contractors and local Authorities when you need to start your project.

Why do you need drawings?

There are several reasons why you need drawings when you start planning your dream home.
Here are the main ones:

  1. Make sure the floor plan and room layout meet your needs.
  2. Share your vision for the house with other people (family, architect, …).
  3. Get building permits.
  4. Get accurate quotes from local contractors.
  5. Put together an accurate cost estimate for the project.


Available drawings & Documentation

For each of our 12 A-frame house models and for the 4 Avrame Classic houses, we have 2 sets of drawings available:

  • Free Drawings
  • Paid Plan Sets

The 2 sets contain different documents and are suitable for different applications.

In the table below you find detailed information about both packages.

What's inside?

PFD Plan views with measurements

PFD Side views with measurements

Detailed cross-sections with elevations

Foundation scheme

Files in AutoCAD format (easy measuring and editing)

Working hours estimation spreadsheet

Most popular house modifications

Free Drawings

Paid Plan Sets

What can you do with it?

Develop the vision for your dream home

Get your family on board

Get a preliminary approval from your Municipality

Start the project with your Architect/Engineer

Start the permitting process with the Municipality

Get quotes from Supplier and Contractors

Measure exact quantities for your own cost estimates

Paid Plan Sets

Which set of drawings do you need?
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