Double A-frame: Trio 75 combined with Duo 57

Avrame offers a lot of possibilities to personalise the house. We can change a lot: the interior planning, add dormers, terraces/decks, skylights; make the houses longer; join multiple units together with galleries between them; leave the ceiling open - pretty much endless options to play with. The following offer is something for a real A-frame fan. Trio 75 combined with Duo 57.

Functionality and layout

Our engineers have combined our trio 75 and duo 57 into one house creating a spacious living area and wellness unit with sauna to the other wing. The house includes 2 bedrooms, 1 living room with kitchen and dining area (double height ceiling), restroom, gallery, additional sleeping place on the loft, sauna and shower room.

You can download the views and plans for the house from here



Trio 75

Duo 57

Structural kit

€1 740

€16 700

€6 825

Exterior kit

€3 150

€13 960

€7 500

Interior kit


€9 630

€3 420


€4 890

€40 290

€17 745

Grand total

€62 925

* Prices exclude local taxes, transportation and assembly costs.

You can view and download the detailed price quote from here

Kit descriptions (NB! EU kit is described. US version is different)

Structural kit

Full set of non modified constructional drawings, strength graded timber as structural truss (45x245mm), building accessories, battens for roof structure (30x45mm), pressure treated sill plate, breathable underlay for roofing TYVEK, mesh against rodents, strength graded timber for gable walls (45x245mm), battens for wall structure (45x45mm), floor structure for insulation (45x95mm), LVL ceiling beam (45x365mm), OSB3 (12mm, 22mm), vapour barrier, dormer, certificate of original Avrame.

Interior kit

PVC windows and terrace doors (tempered glass), wooden external door (half glass/full glass), roofing material Ruukki Classic C with fixings, battens for roof structure (32x100mm), painted exterior cladding, soffit and gable boards.

Exterior kit

Interior walls structure, interior cladding, MDF interior doors, staircase+railings (trio) or ladder stairs (duo).

Production time

It takes only 50 days to combine and manufacture the house kit. We are capable of delivering worldwide. 

How can you get one?

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