Kit homes for Aussies

Avrame’s high-quality kit homes are available in Australia! If you’ve been considering building a new house, this is something for you. 

The model selection includes A-frame houses and traditional timber frame designs. Designed for year-round comfort, these houses are stylish and very compact to ship. 

Today, you can find Avrame houses in over 20 countries. The list includes Australia, USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Netherlands, UK, and many more. 

Why it is good for you

  • Compact shipping – materials for 100m2 house can fit into 2 40’’ HC containers
  • Precision – minimal amount of wasted materials, accurate cuts
  • Quality – top-notch engineering, durable and low-maintenance materials
  • Energy efficiency – Avrame houses are comfortable and warm all year round
  • Quick assembly – 100m2 house can be built within 3 months
  • Detailed plan sets – highly appreciated by the builders and DIYers  
  • Accurate timelines – production, shipping

Want a quote or visit a showhouse?

Our local representative is based in the Perth area. Having built his own Avrame home, Chris is now trying to help others turn their dream homes into reality. His own Avrame experience makes him your trusted guide. Navigating local permits, exploring financing options, and recommending builders – he offers valuable insights at every step. 

To start your project, you can contact him by filling out the form below.