Viking village was brought to life considering the needs of tourism developments around the globe. It is a special design for our DUO 120 model (68,5 m2 / 733 sq feet). It has 1 full size bedroom + roomy loft area, bathroom, kitchen and living area. It offers plenty of conversation topics for each visitor, starting from the carvings on the main structure and ending with the so called ’’viking vibe’’ and ’’cosy cave feel’’ that you will definitely experience in the houses. In current time word travels fast and you will get plenty of bookings just because of that.

You will hit 2 milestones at once:

The a-frames look unique and it attracts people all over the world. Especially with the viking theme.

The houses are reasonably priced, easy and fast to assemble.

A-frame houses are up to 30% cheaper to build.

The saving comes mainly from the triangular shape and different engineering solutions.

They are designed to last in extreme conditions like rain, humidity, snow, cold, warm, earthquakes etc.

A-frame kits are very compact to transport worldwide.

 Each project is different and unique

 We can change a lot: the interior planning, add dormers, terraces, skylights, join multiple units together with galleries between them, leave  the ceiling over - pretty much endless options to play with.

How much does it cost?

The viking house prices start from 18 500€

What are the discounts if we order bigger quantities from you?

For quick ballpark figure for the finished house cost, you can use 600...800 €/per floor square meter in Mainland Europe or 70...110 USD/per square foot in Americas for finished building. These figures are excluding any local taxes as those vary a lot by country.

* Ask for more detailed pricing information by e-mailing us.

Possible discounts
2 - 5 units
6 - 9 units
10 - ... units


If we managed to peak your interest then please contact us for further information and let’s get this project going.

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