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The technology in a basic kit

A basic kit contains strength-graded timber as structural truss and gable walls, battens for roof and wall structures, pressure-treated sill plate, OSB3 for floor structure, breathable underlay for roofing, vapor barrier, and PVC windows and terrace doors. Also included are building accessories such as fixings, nails, WT-screws, silicon, foam, a full set of drawings for getting your building permit and more.

Endless possibilities

The simple design allows you to build it anywhere. Your dream day can start with sipping coffee by the lake, waking up to nature in the forest, or enjoying serene peace in vast clearing.

Back to basics

The philosophy of the A-frame home is to eliminate the redundant aspects of the typical home and provide a living space that meets all your needs without compromising comfort and style.

No debt lifestyle

Instead of spending your hard-earned money paying off bank loans for decades, spend it on more important things - your health, education, travel, business, etc.


1. Fill in the form below...

Along with your e-mail address, send us some details about your land and plans. You'll need to own a piece of land before the kit arrives.

2. Get your custom quote...

After reviewing your details, you’ll get a custom quote and we’ll provide all the details about exactly what is included.

3. Get your A-frame kit...

The TRIO 120 is a 4 bedroom / 2 bathroom spacious home. It takes about 6 weeks to manufacture and 4 weeks to ship (depending on your location).


4. Move into your dream home in 3-6 months...

Our blueprints are examined by engineers and architects and are easily understandable by any good contractor. Order in the summer and move in by Christmas.